Top 7 Cigars for Halloween

With the approach of one of the most exciting festivities of the year “Halloween”, many customers are asking Taylors Tobacconists if we have a Cigar that will match the mystery and intrigue of the 31st of October.

The good news is Cigars can be smoked for Halloween and they don’t have to be too scary in size or a big draw in order to be enjoyed.

Halloween is the perfect occasion to be out of your mind “ in a good way” and let your hair down and be creative in wearing the craziest costumes you wouldn’t dream to wear at any other time.

The tradition of Halloween was born in the Celtic festival of Samhain with the purpose of lighting bonfires and wearing costumes to scare off Zombies and Ghosts. From there it has had massive success and spread the message for love and happiness.


Why Cigars are perfect for Halloween

Taylors Tobacconists have helped many customers over the years to add the perfect accessories to make their costumes stand out from the crowd with a touch of class; Cigars, cigarette holders and other smoking paraphernalia are the perfect combination for this spooky night out and halloween parties.

Many people smoke cigars at Halloween parties because it brings in the traditions of something spooky and intriguing when smoking a fine cigar, be it Cuban, Nicaraguan, Honduran or Dominican.

With the ability of a cigar to complete the character of a costume, or the person you wish to represent, our range of cigars provides a great opportunity to get into the Halloween spirit.

When you enjoy one of these finest cigars, you are guaranteed to have fun, pleasure, and enjoyment. The bond between people and cigars is special, and anyone is welcome to join us for this Halloween.

This range of cigars is not for the fearful or scared, that don’t know what they want. Halloween cigars are for individuals that live dangerously, adventurously and are fun to be around so don’t come near them if you don’t have what it takes.


Our Cigar Recommendations for Halloween

Taylors Tobacconists recommends the following 7 highest quality and affordable Cigars for Halloween:


1. Rocky Patel Decade:

This cigar is the perfect blend of 10 years in the making. Rocky Patel Decade is a well-balanced, elegant and classic cigar that brings a unique flavour to the palate making it one of the most rewarding draws to date.


2. Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios:

This Cohiba is the flagship brand of Habanos. The Lines Maduro introduces an intriguing aroma, with the only way to explain it in one word as exhilaration.


3. Montecristo Open Eagle:

This is a magnificent cigar and introduced as the big new size from the Montecristo Open range. The Open series are resolute with a fantastic taste and flavour. This series carries an additional green cigar band.


4. Partagas Serie D No.6:

One of the signature Partagas range of cigars. The wrapper has a woody, mild, spicy intense aroma which makes this cigar one of the best competitors in the Habanos family.


5. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial:

This Cigar is a medium strength blend, very popular within the cigar world, this is a classic cuban flavour, rich and slightly spicy flavour. This is one of the best cigars for enthusiasts around the globe.


6. Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleur:

Romeo y Julieta is one of the favourite and loved cigars from the Habanos family. It stands for the French translation for a cigar with a delicate and floral aroma.

Blended from the finest tobacco harvested in the Pinar del Rio region, Cuba, this cigar has a medium body. It creates a magnificent smoke for anyone that fancies a quality cigar to enjoy.


7. Cuaba Distinguidos:

This cigar is distinguished by its form and shape, combining a medium to full flavor blend from the Vuelta Abajo to produce a cigar so prestigious that words simply don't do it justice.


Selecting your Halloween Cigar

This selection of Halloween cigars are the extraordinary “Magnificent Seven” like in the western movie. Passion, style and spookiness make these cigars original and enjoyable during this exciting and scary time of the year.

Remember cigars are the best companion during events, celebrations or parties. There is no right or wrong on which cigar to choose from so just go for what you are comfortable with and what suits you best.

Enthusiasts or aficionados are part of the same Habanos family, embrace the journey and have fun wherever you are and whatever you want to do this halloween. Cigars make entertainment a little extra special for you or with friends, they simply raise the standard for the night.